HR Excellence in Current Economic Scenario

Recently I presented my thought on HR Excellence in Current Economic Scenario, seminar organized by Tackyon at Radisson Hotel, NOIDA.

You may like to browse through the link in case you would be interested to participate in such events in future. Such seminars provide a good opportunity for the HR professional to learn from the experiential learnings of senior HR Leaders in addition to providing network ing opportunity with HR Professional from different companies and varied industries.


  1. Right person for the right job- A challenge in current market scenario

    With at least 10 people now scrabbling for every vacancy, you'd think it'd be easier for managers to find and hire the right person for the job. But, if anything, they're finding that too much choice is even harder than too little.
    But, according to a new study, rather than this making life easier for managers, many are still struggling to find the right people, not because of a lack of suitable talent but because they are constantly being bombarded by desperate applicants.
    The hiring managers fear they miss out on key information about a candidate, potentially leading to them making decisions that could come back to haunt them at a later date.
    Many Hiring experts admitted that they still rely on their gut instinct to make a decision, while even more said they took fewer than 30 minutes to make a hiring decision.
    "The recession has dropped a deluge of candidates on companies' doors – but that doesn't translate into foolproof hiring,"
    "The fact is that companies still have to find the same needle but in a much larger haystack – the overabundance of available candidates isn't an insurance policy for better hires,"
    A key failing among manager interviewers was a sense of infallibility leading to the risk of mishiring
    In a climate where every open position was in the spotlight and companies were receiving thousands of resumes in hours, employers had a responsibility to both candidate and employer to be even more diligent in finding the candidate with the motivation for their job, not just any job
    Hiring decisions could be worth millions to an organisation, it reminded managers, yet nearly half of interviewers spent just 30 minutes or less making a decision about a candidate after the interview is completed.
    And more than four out of 10 are concerned that they could get enough information to make an informed decision.
    Nearly three quarters rate their interviewing skills as an A or B, with many citing impeccable instinct as a major factor.
    In fact, 44 per cent of hiring managers admit to relying on instinct rather than training methods for conducting interviews.
    "Interviewers need to keep themselves from making knee-jerk hiring decisions, especially now that they are looking at more candidates and it's easier to miss key information,"

    Raj, i seek your experiential inputs to reinvent the hiring strategies in the current market scenario.


  2. Hi Neha,

    I appreciate your situation. However, to differentiate it is important that we build nose for talent in operating managers through interviewing skills training. One of the reason that we do not create good interviewers is that after training we do not hand hold them. It is essential that senior talent acquistion professional sit through their interview to assess application of the acquired skills.

    To ensure that we are targetting the right audidence, it is imperative that we get our channel management strategy right. Lot of companies are using their staff channel for recruitment which helps them bring the right talent at an optimal price.

    Over a period of time, i will be touching upon topic around talent acquisition dealing with Hiring strategy, Band Mix, Channel Management, operating efficiences in hiring function and other releated topics.

    I hope i have done justice to your query. Watch out the space!

  3. Hi Raj,

    I believe that every employee is an asset to the company and each person brings extra power to the company. It is important for the employers to express the zeal and happiness and hold back thoughts associated with distrust.
    Following are the points which I think any HR professional should focus in the current economic downturn…

    •There should be great focus on employee productivity.
    •Keep investing in your employees (training, salary, choose one or a combo)
    •Right time to welcome new ideas and advice from every employee.
    •Better initiatives can help raise the employee morale
    •Right time to engage employees with more responsibilities

    HR needs to understand happy people deliver better.

    This is not the first time that any country is facing an economic downturn, the same has happened in early 1990s. So, rather then asking what going to happen, we all should now focus on how to overcome the challenges.

    In short, while few company leaders may wish for a recession, the most effective will still find a way to help their organizations – and their most valued employees – prosper from the experience of surviving one.

    Raj, whatever little I have experience I have shared, I look forward for you valuable comments.



    Dear Priyanka

    Please advise me on right compensation approach and policy.


    S.S. Rawat

  5. Hi Shekhar,

    Unfortunately i am not the right person to answer your question, my overall exp is in Recruitments only.

    Raj- I request you to provide your inputs on this.