New Avenues for HR Consulting Organizations – Part II

As per the industry experts and analysis, the 5 emerging trends in talent acquisition are –

  • Technology is central
  • Mismatch between available talent & new jobs
  • Flexible workers will grow
  • Global recruiting will become common
  • Aggressive use of SNS - Social Networking Sites
Key merits of using the SNS -
  • Allow personalization and control
  • Can be fun and engaging
  • Are global in nature and reachable 24/7
  • Everyone is there (or will be soon)
  • Can provide personalized and authentic content
I have personally experienced that not only some of the consulting organizations, however, smart and young hiring professionals are also leveraging such tools to the hilt. This turns out to be a cost effective tool helping you to reach the target talent pool in no time.

The next generation i.e. Gen Y (broadly defined as being born between 1980 and 1984) are the ones who are dominating the workplace specifically in IT/ITES companies. They are attracted towards corporate life and following is of utmost importance to them :

  • group affiliation and project teams play an important role in success.
  • they expect collaboration with management in decision making process
  • experience is irrelevant in the fast changng world
  • question the status quo
  • look up for continuous and immediate feedback
  • money matters, will work as long as needed ...or until they get bored
  • their lives are busy - they need alot of 'me' time
  • pay for performance, personal fulfillment.
In a nutshell, there has been a paradigm shift from conventional recruiting to virtual recruiting tools and processes. There is a need for global reach through sourcing and create a brand through the best possible use of technology. The sourcing for scarce and diverse talent means that you require highly sophisticated sourcing (supply chain) capabilities.
In my next post, I shall talk about tips to succeed in Part – III.

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  1. We are using SNS for recruiting its really working !Its faster better & cheaper approach !