New Avenues for HR Consulting Organizations – Part III

The mantra for success is –
Higher Involvement - Better Performance - Customer Retention

A very natural thought comes to our minds that everyone talks about mantras, but can we get some workable tips. The answer is yes – “Work smart not hard”. I came across the following vedio at you tube which illustrate it beautifully : -
To my mind, some of the workable tips which lead to success are –
  • Build personalization, choice & control into all aspects of recruiting.
  • Develop internal social networks and mobile communication tools.

  • Explore flexible, non-traditional work styles and employment methods.

  • Don’t forget Baby Boomers – they may be the core of your future success.

  • Be prepared with this question - “what would I do if I loose my customer tomorrow?”

  • Sometimes you’ll be on a winning streak and everything will click, take maximum advantage. When the opposite is true, hold steady and wait.

  • Never bring your customer a problem without some solution. You are getting paid to think, not to whine.

  • Always be ready with your elevator speech.

  • Don’t impinge privacy line of candidates or companies – it can be really disastrous

  • Have a wealth of information that can assist your company in all human resources and recruitment related matters, e.g. industry reports on latest trends and analysis etc.

  • Establish a commentary for the career movements from role to role

  • Make a basic score of your candidate versus your clients criteria

The key to success is the role we play in facilitating the success of our end customer. So it is imperative that we start seeing ourselves from customer’s perspective and start visualizing their requirements. Let me give you an example here. We in consulting organizations find it difficult to get an audience with the senior professionals in the targeted company as they are hard pressed for time and generally have a perception that if a consultant is chasing me, he/she will ask for a business. In the existing economic scenario, in case I go to one of my key customers and ask him/her that I shall charge you half the cost per hire and how this will help him/her reduce his organization’s overall hiring cost– will this not help grab the attention of the employers? Yes it will. You must be scratching you head and thinking – does it sound like a good strategy. Yes, and let me explain how – when you get an audience with the senior staff then put some proposal on the table i.e. being their preferred business partner and be the first point of contact for majority of business requirements etc. The key is the innovative approach - going over and beyond the normal work approaches!
In my next post, I shall touch upon few critical points to be considered while managing the change in Part IV.

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