Setting up a strong foundation is critical to long lasting success....

Consider a tree for a moment. As beautiful as trees are to look at, we don't see what goes on underground - as they grow roots. Trees must develop deep roots in order to grow strong and produce their beauty. But we don't see the roots. We just see and enjoy the beauty. In much the same way, what goes on inside of us is like the roots of a tree. Joyce Meyer

As desire for growth and development is nurtured spontaneously in every human psyche but more enthusiastically in young minds, all young individuals possessed with hunger for rapid development of their skills wish to utilize their abilities and to sharpen them upto maximum extent possible. They wish to do something creative where they be a front-runner  and equally be given fruits or thrashing accordingly. 

My view of life is optimistic one. I feel that the key note of all life is happiness which is not an occasional thing, the result of chance or circumstances, but something to be won as one would win any other success by work and patience. I believe, we should not become slave to the circumstances but try our utmost to rise above them by following the path of virtue, truth and fortitute. 

This struggle may be a strenuous one but it ultimately leads to unbounded joy as it is said - "raat zitni sangeen hogi, subah utni hi rangeen hogi" . 

I believe LUCK that is Labor Under Correct Knowledge coupled with virtues i.e. honesty, dedication, discipline and punctuality etc is only path for faster development. I am staunch believer of the dictum that if we try a little beyond our capacities, we will suprisingly find that our capabilities are more than what have ever thought of. 

Roots are important for building a stable and long lasting career!

In my next post, i will talk about how to build a foundation to be a successful HR professional!


  1. Now, let’s discuss the second article which is more on the softer side.

    I absolutely agree to your comment that “Happiness is not an occasional thing”. I feel that happiness and satisfaction come from within. We need to derive happiness from all the small incidents of our life.

    Many a times, I have heard people saying that “We should never be satisfied” and I have never agreed to them. As per me satisfaction is more important than happiness.

    If we are satisfied with our dinner on one night, then do we not go to our work place on the other day and try to work better? We do. Just imagine an unsatisfied hunger need, an unsatisfied sex life, an unsatisfied thirsty throat or an unsatisfied medical treatment of a disease.

    Satisfaction does not mean that we should stop striving towards excellence. As per me, satisfaction is the ladder to happiness.

    Struggle, hard times, bad times, negative situations and insulting situations are few of the umpteen things are bound to come when we are working. Those who use these situations in a constructive and positive manner become the leader of the future and those who take these situations negatively, keep growling throughout their life and keep blaming situations / other people for their failure or slow pace of success.

    People who fall under the second category run after the success and success is always unreachable to them, however success runs after the people who fall under the first category. The moment one success touches them, another bigger success starts chasing them.

    Sir, I have really enjoyed reading your articles and would look up to you for more of these articles.

  2. Raj Gupta12:46:00 PM

    Thanks Mayank. Appreciate your thoughts!

  3. Hi,
    I am intersted to join as a dedicated HR professioanl.

  4. well i am honest through out my carrier and do not know what i have achieved. My wife and son look at me as a fool because of the comparison with my colleagues. I wish honesty is the bad policy though i live with it till my last day

  5. Jun Dulay5:18:00 PM

    I agree with you but for me, I would like to go beyond LUCK and would go for WISE - Work Is Self-Engagement. One must find meaning to what one is doing, may it be for oneself or including others or even humankind. From this, one finds relevance in work or profession and one gathers strength in knowing and seeing the fruits of one's labor. It also impels us to go beyond our present boundaries and explore possibilities knowing that we are able to promote our own ends and dreams in doing so. It makes us look for areas for mutual benefit with other people and for complementing skills/abilities to reach a mutually-desired end. I don't see this as only with young individuals but also for not-so-young people who continue to discover themselves and who desire a better life for everyone.

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