Cornerstone of HR Value Chain (HR Service Delivery) Part - 1

In continuation to the last article on Emloyee Engagement, let us take the series of HR value chain forward and understand the 4th cornerstone i.e. HR Service Delivery (comprising entire HR trasnsactional spectrum including compliance and drive towards productivity and digitization efforts)

To refresh, learning on the cornerstones we have covered so far i.e. Talent Acquisition,

Organization Development , please click on the links below :

Employee Engagement , please click on the links below :

I have seen lot of folks avoid strengthening their skills in handling HR transactional spectrum (this is most unpopular assignment on which i have found not many HR professional jumping over). This to a large extent, handicap them when they reach at strategic roles / level as it becomes difficult for them to see through the entire execution plan and associated glitches for their planned stragegty / appraoch. My recommendation to all those who wants to build strong foundation in HR and wish to be future HR leaders, must undergo this value chain.

In my next post, we will look at some of the key components of HR Service Deilvery as a function.


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