Tips for building a successful career!

In continuation to my efforts to share with you my experiential learnings / thoughts on building foundation for a successful career, following are the nuggets that might help you in progressive realisation of your worthy goals.

OFFER SOLUTIONS - Get into the habit of offering solutions rather than bringing problems, if you do so, you will be viewed as enthusiastic and committed. It shows you're not avoiding responsibility when things get difficult.

AVOID BEING A CHANGE CASUALTY - Many people resist change, whether it's a new procedure for ordering stationary or a corporate merger. Stop resisting change. If you continue to scoff at a change, believe me, you will be the first to go when job cuts are made. Don't fight change. Being able to go with it is the key to remaining employed, never mind being a good employee.

HELP YOUR BOSS SUCCEED - Bosses appreciate staff who help them look good. Any little thing you can do to help your boss keep her job will help you keep yours. Loyalty is very important. You can support them by giving feedback - positive and negative - but word your criticism carefully.

ADMIT YOU'RE OVERLOADED - If you're regularly working through lunch and late into the evening, yet still not keeping up, ask for help. Go to your boss as soon as you realise you have a problem. But don't just whine pointlessly; make sure you spell out your situation. Your boss has given you the work, but you're the one who knows what's really involved.

Someone else's opinion of you does not have to become your reality - Les Brown". When you can distinguish between constructive comments and negative remarks, you can use them to your advantage. Criticism from someone who has taken time to assess your work can be valuable, whereas an ill-tempered tirade is best ignored. Develop a filter to reject any irrational criticism.

DEVELOP A NEW SKILL EACH YEAR - Continually upgrading your skills will keep you one step ahead. They'll make you more valuable or even help you make a smooth transition to another company. The main attribute employers look for in employees is flexibility. And at the very least you'll be keeping yourself interested in your job.


  1. Raj, I am ex-GE myself and I can connect with the cold, clinical but very effective tone of your write-up. Thanks.

  2. Neha Arora12:08:00 PM

    Hi Raj,

    I really liked the last tip "LEARN TO COPE WITH CRITICISM". I believe most of us fail to accept even constructive criticism & lose sleep over irrational criticism (as termed by you). To avoid this, one must be cognizant of his/her SWOT. Here, working in tandem with our Strengths & Opportunity & at the same time to overcome our Weaknesses & Threats keeping in mind the constructive open feedback we get from our peers/superiors will certainly help us build a successful career.

    Looking forward to your valuable inputs.


  3. Neha, You are absolutely right. Once we start competing with ourselves, the professional life takes a turn of its own and then we do not waste our energy, rather we conserve it and use it for progressive realization of our worthy goals.

    The same is also true about accolades. Don't be overawed by them! and this will happen when you are clear about your future direction and SWOT certainly help you plan better.

  4. Neha Arora10:48:00 PM

    I agree! Thanks Raj.

  5. prabhanjan3:25:00 PM

    Thanks to all for valuable inputs.

  6. Anonymous10:01:00 PM

    Dear Raj
    Its interesting to admit we are overloaded. But it might also make us look incompetent. So there has to be a way of putting it across tactfully. Thats probably where lie all our skills in HR!

  7. Anonymous1:12:00 PM

    Dear Raj,
    Nice to read.
    Is it advisable to rejoin an organization which i left some six months before

  8. I don't see anything wrong in doing that, however, ensure that this time it is not an impulsive decision.