Cornerstone of HR Value Chain (Employee Engagement) Part - 1

In continuation to the last article on HR Value Chain (Organization Development - Part 3), let us take the series of HR value chain forward to understand the third cornerstone i.e. Employee Engagement.

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In my view, Engagement is the state in which INDIVIDUAL’S are emotionally and intellectually committed to the organization / group.
There are 3 types of employees.
1) Engaged
2) Not engaged
3) Actively disengaged

Engaging all three leads to enhanced Employee Satisfaction which is directly linked to organizational productivity.
Employee engagement practice assume larger significance in IT, ITES & BPO industry due to high Churn. Average age of resources working in this industry is less compared to other industries. Tight deadlines, high volume, zero tolerance to defects, demanding work environment, night shifts coupled with high aspirations of young work force could be the some of the key reasons for high attrition in this industry. Organizations that believe in increasing employee engagement levels focus primarily on:

Building a Strong Performance Culture: This primarily consists of a foundation of leadership, vision, values, communication channels, strategic plan, and HR policies that are focused on mutual growth of the organization as well as employees.
People-Focused Approach: Human Capital is the most important asset and is a key differentiator. "Growth from within" should be at the forefront of leadership mindspace. For this it is imperative that Leadership empower the resources to experiment and leverage their potential.

Metrics: Like routine medical check ups are done to prevent any unforseen situation, similary, it is important that we measure factors that are essential to the organization’s health/performance. Regular review of the metrics / dashboard will naturally drive the people-focus of the organization and lead to planning / execution of programs and practices that shall enhance the productivity of the staff and
ultimately leads to high levels of trust, pride and satisfaction.

In my next post i shall touch upon few pointers on How to increase employee engagement. Watch out the space!


  1. Raj, Please elaboate this dimension of HRM. It is a little brief. Thanks

  2. Hi Raj,

    Individuals are emotionally and intellectually, as it pertains to IQ and EQ

    Please elaborate on Spirutal Q, is it needed in todays workplaces


  3. Ravi Shankar Kasinadhuni7:23:00 AM

    We have recently conducted a survey and understand that Managers are not a role model.We have to bring in transformation which is challeging one across all levels of organisation.If Manger to engages his team with a great leadership,most of the engagement issues will be addressed. Engagement is misunderstood by many taking them for team outing and lunch and spending many. It is very important to have that sacrificial nature to understand others and engagement comes in place. We have many Mangers today but dearth of Leaders who really has concerns about people. Please comment and suggest how to address this as Center for excellence with great leaders. Mangers need to be trained on various aspects of life first and then business.

  4. Ravi Shankar Kasinadhuni7:42:00 AM

    The Greatest Challenge for all HR professionals is Transform themselves and transform the organisation" Otherwise we have to read boards which speak about vision mission and culture, values which no one could attempt to practice. Vedic Value system is fundamental for all cultures and unfortunately MNCs are in a better place to speak about them. We would follow the path as we need to survive in the organisation without practicing it.

    "The world will belong to passionate driven leaders- people who not only have enormous amounts of energy but who can energize whom they lead" Jack

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