Cornerstone of HR Value Chain (Employee Engagement) Part 2

In continuation to Cornerstone of HR Value Chain (Employee Engagement) Part 1

How to increase employee engagement?

Change is the only constant - Facilitate it : After a period of time doing the same monotonous & repetitive work , employees do feel burn out and boredom creep in their life. If the job requires repetitive tasks, we need to look for ways and means to introduce variety by rotating duties, areas of responsibility & delivery of service. End of the day all of us look at the value addition in our own profile. Change is the only thing in life,which is constant!!

Be genuinely interested in shaping others career: As an HR professional, it's imperative for us to know employees' interests, goals and challenges. Always show an interest in their well-being and do what it takes to enable them to feel more fulfilled and better balanced in work and life. Show gratitude to people at the right time:Celebrate individual success, team success and organizational successes. Do catch employees doing something right, and say "Thank you."

Regular Connect & Transparency is the key : We need to conduct periodic meetings with employees to communicate good news, challenges and company related information. Managers and supervisors should always be comfortable communicating with their staff, and able to give and receive constructive feedback. Regular communication is the key for strong employee engagement. Do communicate openly and clearly about what's expected of employees at every level - Organisation's vision, priorities & success measures.

Employee deployment:Indulge in employee deployment if employee feels he is not on the right job. We should provide an open environment to our employees & faciliate them with the right opportunity in line with the set organizational framework.

Consistency is the key:Be consistent in your support for engagement initiatives. If you start one and then drop it, your efforts may backfire. There's a strong connection between employees' commitment to an initiative and management's commitment to supporting it.

In my next post, i shall attempt to cover key components of employee engagement i.e. communication,employee advocacy,employee deployment & employee assimilation.


  1. Good stuff. Towers Perrin found people felt the following things led to their feeling engaged (Global survey 2007)
    14. Ten factors keep employees engaged
    a. Senior management sincerely interested in employee wellbeing
    b. Improved skills and capabilities in last year
    c. Organisation’s reputation for social responsibility
    d. Input into decision making in department
    e. Organisation quickly resolves customer concerns
    f. Set high personal standards
    g. Excellent career advancement possibilities
    h. challenging assignments that broaden skills
    i. good relationship with supervisor
    j. organisation encourages innovative thinking
    (Towers Perrin Global workforce study 2007 )

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