Cornerstone of HR Value Chain (Employee Engagement) Part - 7

In continuation to my last article on Cornerstone of HR Value Chain (Employee Engagement) Part - 6

Retention Programs: - Due to high churn in the Industry, it becomes imperative for organization to create program and practices which help mitigate attrition. These programs should help us enhance employee morale!

Employee motivation and retention programs connect professional achievement with personal rewards, helping our people to do more and inspiring them to stay longer. In order to be successful, it is imperative that we as HR Professional keep our ears to the ground to get understanding of diverse population and diversity of their issues / problems.

Corporate culture, business objectives and people – these are few key elements that act as a guiding principle in defining employee retention framework.

While we do not want to create "Entitlement Mentality", however, strong Reward and Recognition is imperative to drive behaviors towards performance excellence.

I shall name few Successful retention programs practiced across the industry: Stay interview, People Catalysts program, Visual approach, One on one, Skip Level ,Focus, Fun @ work place, Exit interview,Leadership interaction session, Driving work life balance, Star Club etc.

Consistency of Employee Touch:- People connect Matters and makes a huge difference! However, most of us in HR fail to ensure that. We all know that people think twice before approaching to HR. Why is this so? This is becuase we have not broken the barriers and extended our hands to make us approachable. A touch point is simply not the point where HR and an employee have face to face contact, however, heart to heart connect is important. It is imperative that we deliver on the promises we make. Always go back to people and explain even if you have failed to take some actions which you thought you would be able to. Employee shall admire you for your sincerety.

Be genuinely interested in people, if you can't, I suggest that we choose alternative career! and belive me (as I am myself operation turned HR Professional) they are more lucrative and fancy and also provide opportunities to make more money!

Friends, in this series, I have attempted to provide an overview of entire gamut of Employment Engagement programs / practices which are, by and large, used by most of the organisations to retain their resources and improve their morale and productivity. Please feel free to write to me in case I could help you in clarifying your doubts/queries, if any. All the best!


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    The “Employee engagement” is the key to success through continuous engagement initiatives.
    It helps to unearth unused/untapped potentials in the individuals, creates a team bonding, positive environment and a platform to use each others strengths.
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