Cornerstone of HR Value Chain (HR Service Delivery) Part - 3

In continuation to Cornerstone of HR Value Chain (HR Service Delivery) Part - 2, I shall touch upon Onboarding & HR Dashboard in this post.

New Hire Touch point / On boarding :- In the talent management universe, the new employee orientation and mainstreaming process is known as “employee on boarding.” Keeping in mind that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, your business should make sure that new hires feel welcomed, valued, and prepared for what lies ahead during on boarding process. Don’t make day one all about paperwork. Instead, prioritize interpersonal relationships with key colleagues.
Consider assigning welcome mentors to each new hire, so they can immediately get a feel for the personality of your organization. This day of first impressions will have an enormous impact on the employee experience, so make it a good one. Of course, some paperwork must be handled on or before the start date. Keep in mind that when your new hire goes home to tell his family about his first day on the job, he would rather have something more exciting to report than, “I filled out over 30 forms.”
When it comes to onboarding new talent at your company, the Internet is the most powerful tool in your toolbox. A web-based employee onboarding system will let you standardize, streamline, track, and coordinate every step of the process, all while making your company’s most recent hires feel valued and supported.
It’s been proven that happy employees are more productive employees. Therefore, it is important the we deliver on the value proposition proposed at the time of interview and onbaording process is first moment of truth in house.

Dashboards & Reporting :- “When you are driving down the road, a quick glance at your car's dashboard gives you a lot of information. In an instant, you know how fast you're going, how much fuel you have remaining and whether the engine is overheating. Your peek at the dashboard allows you to see the time of day, whether your lights are on (or bright) and if the turn indicators are flashing. All this information is available by a fleeting look at the dashboard. Many new car dashboards offer even more useful data and indicators. ”- “Business Dashboard" by Gary Lockwood
Dashboards are tools that help management to measure our performance and provide evidence to our customers that we are evaluating our work to determine where we can improve.
Performance measurement has become an integral part of management efforts to enhance overall efficiency and effectiveness of the overall organization. Dashboards help management achieve an efficient balance between time, cost and quality in the products and services we deliver. Dashboard reports allow managers to step back from the details and see the key trends and relationships that drive their companies.
In my next post, i shall touch upon Payroll and other key components...

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