Cornerstone of HR Value Chain (HR Service Delivery) Part - VI

In continuation to my previous post on Cornerstone of HR Value Chain (HR Service Delivery) Part -V, Standardization and Letter geneartion are one of key deliverables for HR Service Delivery team.

Standardization : -
The International Organization for Standardization(ISO), has rightly defined standardization as a particular activity to set up in view of real or potential problems, measures intended to a common and repeated use to secure an optimum rank in a given context. A process in which the value of a potential standard is fixed by a measurement made with respect to a standard whose value is known. The adoption of generally accepted uniform procedures, dimensions, materials, or parts that directly affect the design of a product or a facility. The process of establishing by common agreement engineering criteria, terms, principles, practices, materials, items, processes, and equipment parts and components.

We need to have Standard process of doing things. One should definitely follow the set processes defined.

Employee Letter :
Employee letter generation is one of the regular job for the HR Service Delivery professionals. Starting from Offer Letter to relieving letter, all sort of employee related letters are being preapred by Service Delivery team.

· Offer Letter
· Non Disclosure Agreement
· Employment Agreement
· Appreciation Letter
· Service / Experience Certificate
· Relieving Letter
· Residence Proof Letter
· No Objection Certificate for VISA application

Thanks for your attention. In my next article I shall cover exit management.

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