Cornerstone of HR Value Chain (HR Service Delivery) Part - VII

In continuation to my prevoius post on Cornerstone of HR Value Chain (HR Service Delivery) Part - VI. I'll touch upon Exit Management this time. This is one of the key deliverables of HR Service Delivery team. Parting empployees should have WOW experience , when they are making a move from the organisation. It should be a hassle free and smooth exrecise for the employees on their last day in the organisation.

Exit Management :-
Employee exit management is the process used in businesses for exiting employees in a professional manner. It applies to employees who have resigned and those that have been terminated by the company. It is the opposite of an induction programme which is the process for on-boarding an employee.

When an employee is terminated there are a number of considerations that an organization needs to make in order to cleanly end the relationship between the company and the employee. The company as a legal entity has a responsibility to the employee which may extend beyond the period of employment and this is the primary focus of the exit procedure.

I have noticed that most of the organization due to lack of digitization end up making employee do the running from piller to post to get requisite clearances from various departments। Also orgnization generally have long turn around time to settle the Full & final of employees. It is imperative that we design our processes using work flow as such, that help us carry out the exit process smoothly and leaves a very positive impression on the psyche of departing employee. Also it would be great if we in HR can provide the full & final settlement cheque on the day employee is leaving। This is possible as majority of the orgnizations have minimum of one month notice period which employee need to serve post resignation.

Smooth exit process and timely full and final settlement shall help reinforce the positivity about the organization and would play a key role in employee becoming a potential re-hire in addition to his being a brand ambassador for the organization।

Thank you for your time and attention। I hope this series on HR Service Delivery provided you the broad overview of the function and its deliverable. In next series i'll cover "Legal aspects of employement laws".

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  1. Anonymous9:08:00 PM

    I agree with your suggestion of processing the F & F of employees on the LWD,however what do you suggest about doing the F & F within a week's time from the LWD.There are few employees who quit the organisation with immediate effect or go absconding so within a week's time we can do the F & F of all exit's employees.At the end of the day we have to process all the F & F and in the absconding cases most of the companies give the time of 3-4 days to return back to work.

  2. I totally agree with the view point of making exit as smooth as the entry.All ex-employees are ambassadors for their relevant ex-employers and creating a feel good factor at the exit point makes the porfessional journey more memorable.

  3. Anonymous12:44:00 PM

    What about employees who are absconding or leave without notice and come for PF formalities / Bonus