Success Tips on how to adapt & emerge stronger from an uncertain environment

Most successful companies don’t end up the way they began, they in fact evolve. Business success is a process of trial and error, learning and adapting - adaptability is the key to survival, not just in nature, but in the corporate world too. Sometimes adaptation is a one-shot deal, a major mutation based on changing environmental conditions. Other times, adaptation is a component of corporate culture. Recently, I happen to hear one of the business leader who shared  tips on how to adapt  and emerge stronger from a difficult and an uncertain environment. Having listened to him, there are few tips which impressed me and I thought to share them with you.

Be a Maverick - He says be a maverick, the one of a kind, he who knows his worth and showcases it well, fearlessly challenges the status quo; is the fittest to “SURVIVE”  and to “LEAD”. The worry is understandable, given the state of the world at the present time, but there is no question in my mind that, by having the right attitude and requisite confidence, all of us can rise above any situation that life hands us and can live a fulfilling life in the middle of the turmoil.

Embrace the thought “IT'S ALL HAPPENING PERFECTLY - We must begin looking for the "good" in any situation that life hands us. And when we look for the good, WE ALWAYS FIND IT. Yes, so much good can come from so much that is bad. In that, it truly is happening perfectly.

If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable - It pays to look forward to the future with an attitude of great possibility--for yourself and for your world.

Know your worth - As he says, I believe that the world is too big; there are an abundance of opportunities. If you believe in yourself (know your self worth), there is always room for your talents somewhere in this world. Whether you are in a business or an employee, you must regularly do an analysis of the portfolio of your capabilities and services (talents) and determine what it is worth.

Be numerate and  showcase it right - It is important to be numerate- that is what we call as “number literate”. It is up to you how you interpret data and how you showcase it. Most people in this world keep working harder without realizing that it is worth only when you let the busy world know. Be smart and let your “NUMBERS” reflect it.

Challenge the status Quo & be Fearless  - Not everything in this world is working fine; there is a lot which can be worked upon to evolve. Most of us tend to align ourselves with the existing process/policies. I remember an incident, when I asked one of the person in my own Team; Does it make sense to have this question on this form? The person said, "this is the way it is working for the last 4 years" It is imperative that we apply our mind and challenge the status quo to get better and better!

End of the world for a caterpillar is what the world calls it a butterfly - It is for you to appreciate that where a road ends, is a beginning of a highway that leads to a new destination to be achieved.

I personally believe that THREATS ARE THE BEST OPPORTUNITIES which help us go beyond our normal work approaches and pushes us to try a little beyond than what we think, are our capabilities and when we do so, we most often than not, find that our capabilities are far far greater than what we ever thought of.


  1. I appreciate the comments of mr Raj Gupta

    rajdeep Verma
    Manager, Admin & Personnel at Globle Education

  2. Anonymous1:43:00 PM

    good one ..touches ones thought process

  3. Hi Rajdeep, thanks for your kind words. I wish you all the best in your endevors.