What are the needs of HR professionals in the next 3-5 years?

Few of my HR colleagues / friends asked me about a place where they can learn the fundamentals of HR and associated strands and sub strands in a systematic and easy to understand manner. I could not figure out the one and that's where the idea popped up to give back to HR fraternity and share experiential learning. That's how, I started hrsuccessmantra.com with an objective to provide oversight HR foundation to all budding / upcoming HR professionals. Now this site has 200+ regular subscribers and have already attracted ~ 5000 hits.

Having come thus far and already deliberated upon complete HR value chain including Legal compliance and success tips in variety of office situations in the last 9 months including inputs on enhancing managerial effectiveness, I would appreciate inputs on your needs / future needs of HR professionals in the next 3-5 years so that I can plan accordingly and help them in whatever way I can.

Thank you in advance for your inputs.


  1. Anonymous11:43:00 PM

    At times while trying to gather strings of HR it really becomes confusing to get consolidated information and while searching through the web one easily gets lost. This site come handy as we get complete HR information under one single window and that too in a flow.
    I think HR as a function is still evolving and this is the time when most of us would need some handy tips on how to structure organizations depending on situations like Mergers, acquisitions, recession etc.
    Most HR strategies work around relevant context and there is no sure shot methodology. However, there is a general trend in industry at any given time and companies adopt their strategy according to it. Eg. when power centre was towards employees, companies paid hefty compensation to attract and retain them and now when power centre has shifted they adopt a different strategy. Can we get pulse of industry every now and then when trends seem to change and strategies most suited at that time?

  2. Dear Sir,

    Certain topics that come to my mind are:

    1)HR Ananlytics - with HRIS in place, analytics will become important and useful.
    2)Different kinds of organisation structure in HR - Hybrid structure; Centralised structure; Business Unit wise structure and more.

    I have great adulation for your initiative in HR success mantra.

    Thankyou and Best Regards,