B2E - Emerging HR Trends - Part III

In continuation to my previous post on HR drift in Changing Business Landscape, I intend to focus on Business to employee future trends through this article.

B2E - Business to Employee is the latest addition to the glossary of new economy terms. It is about Business to Employee, with the former empowering the latter with the help of technology like Intranet. The focus is moving towards enabling employee processes. Workplace dimensions had altered over the years; from being a closed economy, we need to become a global work force. The definition of jobs is changing and people are giving more importance to family and life after work".

Globalization - With the globalization of businesses, It is inevitable that HR also focus on providing scalable platforms accessible across the organization while ensuring that there are multiple communication channel. As we know that people are critical to any organization and if they are well informed they are happy and happy employees are the best brand ambassadors of the company.

As a knowledge-intensive market, which is growing at a rapid pace, we must use the technology to manage and share this knowledge. The in house (intranet) portal provides a framework that encourages and facilitates Knowledge Management. It helps enhance internal corporate communication, white papers, articles and knowledge and idea sharing. A portal can provide employee self-service solution, act as a binding force across various HR initiatives and result in a clear, orchestrated and seamless information flow.

Since the focus of HR has shifted from administrative to value added services, the B2E portals aid HR professionals of the company to be available to employees 24*7. It reduces operating costs and improves awareness while providing built in feedback and communiction mechanism.

"IT should enable HR, but HR should not lose its human face."


  1. swati Kapoor7:39:00 PM

    It is true that people must be given attention.people in the organization demand appreciation if they are worth demanding it.Human capital of the organization should be properly utilized then only best of the efforts can be attained from them which will ultimately add to the growth of the organization

  2. Yes, It's true. Now a days organization (mostly quality certified) are paying attention to this aspect of Human behavior.A well designed system (i.e. process) removes unnecessary movements in accomplishment of a particular task, which enhances effectiveness of an individual and ultimately affects the Performance of organization a whole; and Technology plays a vital role in this.