New Trends in International HRM - Emerging HR Trends - Part IV

In continuation to my previous post on emerging HR trends, let me touch upon International HRM emerging trends in the article.

International HRM places greater emphasis on a number of responsibilities and functions such as relocation, orientation and translation services to help employees adapt to a new and different environment outside their own country.
  • Selection of employees requires careful evaluation of the personal characteristics of the candidate and his/her spouse.

  • Training and development extends beyond information and orientation training to include sensitivity training and field experiences that will enable the manager to understand cultural differences better. Managers need to be protected from career development risks, re-entry problems and culture shock.

  • To balance the pros and cons of home country and host country evaluations, performance evaluations should combine the two sources of appraisal information.

  • Compensation systems should support the overall strategic intent of the organization but should be customized for local conditions.

  • In many European countries - Germany for one, law establishes representation. Organizations typically negotiate the agreement with the unions at a national level. In Europe it is more likely for salaried employees and managers to be unionized.

In my next post, I shall touch upon on the role of HR in Mergers and Acquisitions.


  1. Anonymous12:36:00 PM

    what you say is the idea, but the reality is often very different, as is the selection of the persons going to these roles, this is not always ideal.

    Most organisations do not even consider the family situation and in some it would be considered an intrusion or invasion of privacy, so how to overcome this becomes a governance and policy issue. And can be overcome but needs some thought and effort.

    The career risk is real and specially so in todays climate. But the rewards are also quite considerable. No guarantee can be provided if you are part of a globally mobile workforce. If its short term then some kind of return policy shoudl be in place or else why take the big risk?

    Performance issues are always problematic especially mid term when there are overlaps. But matix organsiations have dealing with this since the late 1980's (e.g. ABB).

    C&B agreed and this can be sensitive but separating hardship allowances from global compensation is necessary to avoid equity issues and make mobility easier and transparent (e.g. Angola - 130 is seriously more costly than Amsterdam - 98).

    On the last point, this is a reality and when worked on correctly and relationship building takes place, with transparency, it reduces most conflict and actually adds to focus and cohesiveness in the unit. This at least is my experience in Germany, Spain and Italy.
    Jose santiago

  2. Hi Jose,

    Thanks for sharing our inputs.



  3. Thanks for sharing our inputs.

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