Thanks for your inputs on needs of HR Professional in next 3-5 years!

I thank you all for providing your comments/thoughts on various topics touched upon in this site as they were genesis and acted as food for thought for sharing my view on the desired topics.

Further, I have received your comments on “What are the needs of HR professionals in the next 3-5 years?” through linked in groups like BlUECHIP Human Resources Experts / Gurus, Delhi NCR – HR Professionals, National HRD Network, India to name a few and through my personal interaction with some of you. I have highlighted below couple of inputs.

Nandita Kaul Bakshi, Manager at Canon India says :

“I feel in the next 3-5 years

- Attracting Talent in cost effective ways
- Training and Developing them to make good internal leaders
- Long term reward and benefits and
- Keeping Loyalties and motivations high will be a few important needs to HR professionals”

Pankaj Choudhary, Senior Manager-HR , Organizational effectiveness & corporate training

“Future needs of a HR professional is
- how he/ she gets integrated to the business need
- Quality resourcing- doing more with less
- Keeping pace with technology
- Managing expectations of generation Y
- Engage, retain & develop talent”

Ramakrishnan KR, Student at MDI says :
“First of all, thanks for your initiative to give something back to the HR fraternity. The websites contains a lot of information on various domains of HR including corporate HR, consulting and Industrial Relations, an impressive work considering that you have not even celebrated its first anniversary.

… I believe that the HR will have to brace themselves for the following challenges.

  • Diversity Management - With people from various castes, creed, sex, religion and ethnic groups working together, the HR needs to ensure that they are all jelled together and work for a common goal, and no ethnic groups feels downsized or biased.

  • Management of HRO - The HRO boom that has already started with many administrative activities being outsourced in order to free the HR for more strategic roles. However there is not enough literature on how to manage the HRO organizations. There seems to be a lot of opportunities to work in HROs and their management will be an important challenge

  • Managing of Expats - With more companies spreading up globally, the expats and their families face a lot of issues during the time the employee is on a different location/country. The management of these expats could go a long way in deciding how quickly companies are able to diversify geographically.

Anonymous comments...

  • “At times while trying to gather strings of HR it really becomes confusing to get consolidated information and while searching through the web one easily gets lost. This site come handy as we get complete HR information under one single window and that too in a flow. I think HR as a function is still evolving and this is the time when most of us would need some handy tips on how to structure organizations depending on situations like Mergers, acquisitions, recession etc. Most HR strategies work around relevant context and there is no sure shot methodology. However, there is a general trend in industry at any given time and companies adopt their strategy according to it. Eg. when power centre was towards employees, companies paid hefty compensation to attract and retain them and now when power centre has shifted they adopt a different strategy. Can we get pulse of industry every now and then when trends seem to change and strategies most suited at that time"

It is a pleasure to get an insight on the thought process of budding HR professionals which clearly suggests that Industry would certainly see a drift in HR strategic thinking in the coming times.

In a nutshell, I believe that we would be interested in getting an insight on emerging trends in HR, be it attracting talent in cost effective ways, Managing expectations of generation Y, Training and Developing them to make good internal leaders, Long term reward and benefits, Keeping Loyalties and motivations high, Diversity Management, Management of HRO and Managing Expats in the era of globalization. Some of you have also pointed out the need of HR to be a profit center rather than cost centre and how to structure organizations depending on situations like Mergers, acquisitions, recession etc.

I will keep these inputs in mind while formulating my thoughts process / articles in the year 2010.

I believe that it is imperative that we as HR professionals have a sense and pulse of industry in order to mold our HR strategies accordingly. In line with this and taking cue from the above inputs, I would kick-start yet another series of my articles by touching upon the industry trends.

Watch out for the space!


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