Cocktail of Willingness, Capability and Just Do It approach is what it takes to reach the top, Isn't it?

When I see people who have reached the top I wonder, were all of them capable enough for what they have got and those who have not reached there, were they not capable at all? When we talk of capability, we need to understand how we assess if a person is capable or not. Knowledge, skills and attributes are the key. Knowledge can be gained, Skills can be imparted, and attributes can be developed. Today world is wired so well that we are just a click away from any information and we need not spend hefty hours digging into library searching for relevant material. But why there are still many people who are not living in purpose & passion?

It is imperative to understand that major onus for success lies in willingness than in capability. I think this would make more sense to the hiring professionals who have a clear cut motto, “Hire for ATTITUDE, train for SKILLS”. Willingness is the major contributor to a person’s attitude.
Earlier companies used to put their major focus on training an employee on professional skills and huge portion of budget was invested into it. Today companies have realized that softer aspects are as much important for a person’s development. Though willingness comes naturally to a person but with some counseling and training interventions time and again attitude can be influenced to an extent.

I learnt this very early in my life that leadership influences attitude to a great extent but for a short time till the touch points are maintained. As the person is left to himself, more than half of the group goes back to its original form within 3 months and rest 49% take 6 months to go back to their shell. It is just 1 % people who actually encompass the change which requires at least year and a half of conscious effort till it becomes unconscious competence. I think the essence is to move more effectively in a structured manner and pursue what you value. You need to actually believe what you want only then would you be willing else it would be momentary and you would experience a loss of vitality.

We often come across people who are high on willingness still they are not able to achieve the desired results. All these people are really capable & if you were to ask them can they do the job, they will tell you - THEY CAN DO IT! It was no different for this person who was audience to a musician playing this wonderful number and he told, “I’ll give my life to play like you.” The musician replied, “I have already given”. It is easier said than done and most of us believe that we can do anything but how many of us actually do it.

I truly believe willingness to do is one thing and actually doing it is another. People still need that external push when it comes to delivery. I come across many people who would keep sitting on a project and buy in time which just isn’t required and smart Managers certainly get the catch. This is a credibility loss and if we truly analyze, most of the things we defer are either not completed or miss the TAT. I think it is time we replace “Can do” attitude with “Just Do It” attitude as people learn so much in the training class rooms and when it comes to applying it in real life scenario, most of it is lost as it is not practiced. Successful people never say they can do, they just do it and move on.

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