The Indian Human Resource Convention 2010 – Destination Kolkatta

To keep you posted, on Saturday, 24t July, 2010, I presented my thought on Effective Recruitment, Selection & Retention. During this presentation, I touched upon Cornerstone of Successful HR Foundation, Talent Acquisition - philosophy & components, Future Trends in Recruitment - How Technology, Demographics and Globalization Have Changed the Game and also shared certain success keys to leverage the available opportunity during The Indian Human Resource Convention 2010, an event organized by Tackyon at Golden Park, Kolkatta.
You may like to browse through the link in case you would be interested to participate in such events in future.

Such seminars provide a good opportunity for the HR professionals to understand and apply a practical, systems approach to Strategic Human Resource Planning to develop strategic and operational HR plans and at the same time help you enhance your knowledge through experiential learnings of senior HR Leaders in addition to providing networking opportunity with HR Professional from different companies and varied industries.


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