Emerging trends in Recruitment in the fast changing business landscape...

Talent Acquisition is a process of sourcing, screening, selecting and retaining the best fit of people for any organization. However, technology, demographics and globalization have changed the dynamics of recruitment.

In the fast changing business landscape and current economic situation, it has become imperative for talent acquisiton leaders to develop ability to anticipate global trends, be commercial savvy and high on business acumen while building engine to cater to scale. I see following 7 key emerging trends while the philosophy behind recruitment - Hire for ATTITUDE, Train for SKILLS, and Reward for PERFORMANCE remain constant.

Emerging Trends in recruitment : -
  • Technology is becoming central across recruitment spectrum as globalization has changed the business dynamics.
  • We will see the mismatch widening between available talent and new jobs despite our getting large number of graduates who pass out as only 15-20% are employable.
  • We are witnessing a major shift in engagement from structured workdays to flexible and project based. Flexible workers will grow in times to come.
  • Social Networking Sites are gaining significance due to their easy accessibility. They are global and available 24/7, provide personalized and authentic contents and can be fun and engaging. Everyone is there, if not, will be soon seen there.
  • Diversity at Workplace will be at the forefront of leadership mindset as this will help generating broader range of ideas, greater creativity and innovation, increased motivation and leverage of cross cultural experience
  • Contractual staffing which is commonly known as temping will gain further momentum as this offers flexibility of employment, provides ease of recruitment and replacements and help reduce cost of staffing
  • For Talent Acquisition Leaders, job will not end at hiring itself, they will be continuously measured on retention of new hires while pressure will further increase on leveraging cost optimized channels i.e. employee referral, direct sourcing etc.


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  2. Despite the rich promise inherent in the practice of online recruitment, there are potential drawbacks. Although many current concerns are likely to be overcome by future advances in technology, they still deserve serious consideration.

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  3. Can you write more about Emerging trends in Recruitment in the fast changing business landscape...? I am making a list of the Emerging trends in Recruitment in the fast changing business landscape...

  4. Jun Dulay4:52:00 PM

    Your second item about mismatch between graduates and new jobs shows that the academe has not moved that much in terms of preparing the graduates for new work requirements. It becomes a challenge for recruitment to find a way for addressing this mismatch, e.g., formulating hiring criteria to identify those that are trainable within an acceptable time, organizing fora with academe to re-align curricula and for practitioners to work with faculty as a way for business to influence instruction and curricula.

  5. good posting, you have mentioned about the social networking site a useful tool, can you please let us know how one can start using these networking site for developing a good network.

  6. Amit Sinha8:03:00 PM

    Good read... However, some light on the emerging tech. like cloud computing and its use in recruitment could have been a good add. Going forward how can we levarage these technologies in optimizing cost, time & resources in recruitments.

  7. Making resourcing manager responsible for arresting attrition is one of the good point you mentioned. Superb article.Thank you.


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