Talent Acquisition & Interviewing Techniques – Do’s & Don’t – Part I

Thank you for your participation in the survey entitled : Which topic you would like to see more articles on HRsuccessmantra.com? Majority of you (60%+) have voted for : Talent Acquisition & Interview Techniques as a Top Priority. 

I have already covered  Talent Acquisition in 4 part series i.e. 

Cornerstones of HR Value Chain (Talent Acquisition) - Part 1  comprising Talent Acquisition process and Hiring Strategy

Cornerstones of HR Value Chain (Talent Acquisition) - Part II comprising Resource Planning, Staffing, Channel Management and Branding

Cornerstones of HR Value Chain (Talent Acquisition) - Part III constituting Vendor Management, Campus Relationships, Subcontract Management, Reference Checks, employee on-boarding and 

Cornerstone of HR Value Chain (Talent Acquisition) - Part IV briefly touching upon interviewing process. 
Now let us deliberate in detail on Interview Techniques covering in brief interviewing process, its objective and types of Interviews, Do’s & Don’ts, Cultural sensitivities & demographics, Good /Inappropriate questions, set of questions to ask to explore competencies and behavioral aspects, significance of body language, how to effectively close interviews etc as part of Talent Acquisition & Interviewing Techniques - Do's & Don'ts Series.

Let us start by understanding in brief Interview & its objective.  An interview is a conversation between two or more people (the interviewer and the interviewee) where questions are asked by the interviewer to obtain information from the interviewee 

It is imperative that we understand and keep in mind the broader objectives of interview i.e. promotion of the organization, attraction of the best possible candidates, gather information about the candidates, assess how well the candidates qualifications match the job requirements and to determine whether the candidate will fit in with the organization and the staff.

In my next Post, I will touch upon on interviewing skills and Types of Interviews. Watch Out the space!

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