Employee Engagement & Retention - Managerial Effectiveness Part I

Thank you for your continuous participation in the survey entitled : Which topic you would like to see more articles on this site? Majority of you (85%+) have voted for : Talent Acquisition & Interview Techniques as a Top Priority which I have already covered in 7 part series (Label : Talent Acquisition) followed by Employee Engagement & Retention (78%).

I have already made an attempt to provide an overview of entire gamut of Employment Engagement programs / practices which are, by and large, used by most of the organizations to retain their resources and improve their morale and productivity through a 7 part series : -

Cornerstone of HR Value Chain (Employee Engagement) Part -1 comprising a brief on Engagement, Types of Employees and as to why it assumes larger significance in the context of IT / ITES industry.

Cornerstone of HR Value Chain (Employee Engagement) Part 2 comprising Tips on how to increase employee engagement & its effectiveness. 

Cornerstone of HR Value Chain (Employee Engagement) Part - 3 comprising key components of employee engagement i.e. Communication, Employee advocacy.

Cornerstone of HR Value Chain (Employee Engagement) Part - 4 comprising Deployment of Internal Talent, Employee Assimilation On-boarding and Orientation processes.

Cornerstone of HR Value Chain (Employee Engagement) Part - 5 comprising brief on Performance Management, Reward & Recognition Programs and Compensation & Benefits

Cornerstone of HR Value Chain (Employee Engagement) Part - 6 comprising brief on Employee Development & Coaching.

Cornerstone of HR Value Chain (Employee Engagement) Part - 7 highlighting in brief Retention Programs while emphasizing on the significance of consistency of employee touch.

Now to take this forward, I shall deliberate on Managerial Effectiveness and  also look at some of  Employee Retention Program in more details in this series.

For attrition, majority of times across industry / organizations, 3 key stated reasons emerges despite paralysis of analysis : 1) Career Opportunity 2) Compensation 3) Personal. However, when you get into details and peel the onion, un-stated reasons starts appearing and most of time the reason has to do with lack of opportunity for capability building, emotional turmoil, lack of job satisfaction, respect at work, dysfunctional culture, dis-satisfaction with Manager etc. It is also more or less an acceptable fact in the Industry that 80% of employee leave their Managers instead of their organization.

Middle management effectiveness  is a key to enhanced retention. 

Mantra is: 
Higher Involvement = Higher Performance = Higher Retention  

Now the thoughts come to mind that everybody talks about mantra, can we get some some workable Tips. In my next post, I shall touch upon set of Tips to enhance Managerial effectiveness.  Watch out the space! 


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