Employee Engagement & Retention - Managerial Effectiveness - 3

Take a genuine and sincere interest…Be a Mentor : - It is a well accepted fact that People with mentors are twice likely to stay as good mentoring help break the glass ceiling. Mentoring is not only a way to transfer crucial skills and knowledge but to inspire loyalty in new employees and emerging leaders.   It is true, It takes time-but not a lot. The more you act like a mentor to your direct reports the less they can think about leaving. Your failures and success stories provide valuable insights that just don’t come in other ways. As a mentor, you should Model, Encourage Nurture teach-Organizational reality to your employees. It takes a willingness to show you genuinely care.

A friend in need is a Friend indeed - Be a friend : -
Often it pays to get creative on behalf of your employees and their needs. It is more likely that your employees will appreciate your open-mindedness and willingness to help a valued employee in a time of need. At the same it is imperative that clear expectations are set.

Wire your employees with your Network : -  If I link my employees to other functions or departments, someone there will steal them - Wrong thinking! If I link my employees to other departments or functions, their skills and knowledge will grow - Right Thinking! Employees depend on the workplace as a primary source of social relationships. Encourage employees to connect with the people outside their work-groups and  professional associations. Have you ever done this to your employees?  If not, do it. Ensure that you complement someone who take a leadership role on one of them? Connections (great people, my team and my peers) are major reasons people say they stay with organizations. If links are weak or nonexistent, leaving is easier.

Nose for Talent is a key ingredient of a fine Manager : -  It is generally said that we should hire for attitude, train for skills and reward for performance. One of the key job of a Manager is to ensure that they make the right hire and keep the existing one in good humor. However, how many Managers do spend time to hone their hiring skills? Not many. One of the things that I learned early through one of the senior leader in GE is that if you put the right organization structure in place and then align the right people to the structure, half of your job as a managers is done. It is also important to show your current employees that they are important and critical to you and to the success of your team, especially as you recruit new team members. Sometimes, Managers tend to go overboard about the qualities on new hire.

Humorize and humanize - Let them get kicks : - Fun filled work place generates enthusiasm leading to increased productivity, better customer service, a positive attitude about the company and higher odds that your talent will stay. A fun break can re energize your employees and ready them for the next challenging project. Fun enhances creativity; add a little fun and energy goes up. Playful activities clear the mind and make one sharper and fresher.

In my next, I shall touch upon few more tips.  Watch out the space!

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