Stop being conscious of modest background, at times, we are way TOO modest...

He who undervalues himself is justly undervalued by others. People who come from humble background often tend to be waved down by their exposure, context and the environment in which they have been brought up. They slog themselves to reach somewhere and make a mark for themselves out of adversity and lack of means.
At times when they reach closer to their goal, they tend to feel slightly low of themselves in comparison to folks who were born with silver spoon and could afford to join organizations post education from Premier Management schools like Harvard, Stanford, Massachusetts Cambridge etc.. It becomes difficult to have peer group much younger than you with flashy background, best of assets, high end qualification and stylish English.

Now the question is that how do we deal with this. In my view, at the outset, it is imperative that we stop being conscious of our modest background,  at times, we are way TOO modest. If you look at image, all the base level experiential learning would have given you  more depth, breadth and far superior understanding of  systems and processes from ground zero, which will not be the case with people who directly join at Managerial level from top class institutes. Once you cross middle management level and reach to a leadership level, you are equal and your chances of making it big are far greater as your experience line is almost double with a strong base.  This is where you have an edge. 

Now let me ask all of you who comes from humble background, can you recall your journey which has taken you where you are? All of you who have started your career from the scratch, have got hands on experience from base level and crossed each and every layer of Pyramid with sheer grit and determination. So guys unveiled yourself and stop being conscious of your modest historical background in case you are.

Be confident to explore your caliber and take yourself to a different level altogether. Whatever level you reach, I still suggest that we must try doing everything at least once by our-self, no matter how basic it is, as it always helps to get on top of things when we know the system & processes from scratch. We don't have a choice to become a Leader who commands respect without being hands on.

Had you born to Sonia Gandhi, you could get a sure shot chance to be considered as a  prime ministerial material.  However, the reality is that all great people are not borne in affluent families and not privileged enough to best of amenities. It is how they shape up during their course of life that they hit it so big. 

The more deep rooted you are, the more you can stand tall!


  1. Excellent post!!!

  2. Hi Raj

    I agree no less.....very well articulated.
    I can personally relate to this theory and second you that at times we become way 'Too Moderate' and undermine our capabilities & our wealth of experience.