Unconventional approach to learning...

"The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education". Albert Einstein

What we are about to discuss now will make more sense to those who are not able to relate with the existing education system. Though you do well, score high, however, still feel lost in the traditional learning ways and its merit.

Intelligence required for traditional academic success is generally the result of mental activity peculiar to left-brain processing, however, it will not be an exaggeration to say that we live in a “left-brain” society.  Before we get some answers let us understand Human Mind functioning and some of its nuances.

So how are Left-brain people different from Right-brain?

You would witness left-brain people learning in a focused and sequential manner whereas right-brain people learning in more holistic and diffused manner catering to the larger picture. The left-brain can put the parts together into an organized whole; the right brain instinctively sees the whole, then the parts.

Right Brain dominated people do not learn well in existing traditional education system because they do not process information in the same manner. This processing is the reverse of the traditional approach to learning. Right-brain people are visually oriented: pictures, diagrams, etc., enhance their learning. They also absorb much information aurally (by ear). They are often extremely intelligent and creative people but have difficulty in conforming to a left-brain learning system. Hence they need to be taught in a different methodology.

However, the two hemispheres must function in a balanced and integrated manner for wholesome human functioning. The left-brain thinking is characterized as “spotlight” thinking and right-brain thinking as “floodlight” thinking.  

Taking reference from the movie “Tare Zameen Par”, this kid had some special abilities in Arts, however, was a dud at academies. Though it is a different syndrome altogether but that average child could also be brought at par to a basic level in academies with some tweaking in teaching style and that is what Aamir Khan did.  He spent hours together to teach him through the visual academic tools and some unconventional ways.

What we are looking at here is predominantly two set of people in our Society,  “Right-brained” and “Left Brained” and in what manner they grasp things effectively.

To maximize learning, right-brain dominated people must be taken through all three phases of learning: input, assimilation, and output. To obtain maximum retention of knowledge, the individual must go through all three phases-regardless of whether the objective is the learning of Latin, of mechanics, or of any other subject.

I am not sure how much of tweaking is feasible in existing Education System though we have seen a turnaround lately the way toddlers are being taught. Few specialized learning techniques are also being used privately to cater to individualistic customized learning need, though  it is a food of thought for some of our faculty members who are reading through as to what can be done to accelerate an impact in the prevailing system...

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