Are we building Meaningful Relationships?

About 6-8 weeks back, I wrote an article Quality Vs Quantity of Connections on LinkedIn?where I deliberated and reflected on thought - 

How many connection do I have and with how many I have a face time / Talk time? 

and I clearly saw an opportunity to do a better job while doing what I am doing amidst requests for support as I always try to do my bit to ensure that I build meaningful connections, support as I can, Guide / Mentor folks, share my experiential learning as much I can.

Right from the beginning, I have believed in building relationship. While it becomes difficult to build relationship with large number of connections. However, when you become genuinely and sincerely engaged with your LinkedIn Fam connects, it develops a bond.

Today, I happen to see an article on LinkedIn Social Selling Index. It was indeed amazing and gratifying to see my score which showed 25/25 on building relationships. I am glad that my conscious efforts to meaningfully engage with my connections is reflecting in the LinkedIn analytics and also showing some areas for renewed focus. 

What also surprised me that my score is falling in Top 2% Human Resources Industry SSI Rank where Sales Professional in our Industry have an average SSI of 24/100 (sounds terrible) and Top 7% Network SSI Rank where people in my network have an average SSI of 49/100.

I found it easy to check SSI. To check your individual SSI Click Here

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  1. Hi Raj,
    Thanks for sharing the information on SSI. Interesting. Congratulations on your high SSI rankings.