"Engagement to Inspiration" DMA 10th Mega HR Conclave

It was indeed a privilege to attend DMA 10th Mega HR Conclave focussing on a  theme "From Engagement to Inspiration" that took place on Thursday, 31st January 2019 at Hotel Fortune Select Global, Gurgaon. This indeed provided a very insightful learning experience. Thought to share some of key learning's.

Instil pride in your workforce as it plays a critical role, said, Mr. Rajiv Kapoor, Executive Director - Group HRM, Minda Industries. He provided very insightful examples from Indian Army to elaborate on this. 

Commitment & involvement is critical, said Mr. K.S. Bhullar, Advisor, Group HR, Anand Automotive. He shared the below story to explain the difference between Commitment & Involvement. 

"There is a Goat and Butcher. Who is committed and who is involved. The Goat is committed as her head is on the chopping line and Butcher is involved."

He also talked about a Car Story to further elaborate on engagement & inspiration where in he said, engine is your capacity and car model is the latest enhancement to your knowledge. 

Inspiration comes from within. If you want to create an organization where employees are inspired, there ought to be Respect, Freedom, Learning, Meritocracy.

Pranav Sinha from NTPC talked about organization citizenship behavior which is beyond measurement. 

Belongingness, Involvement & reward is critical to move from Engagement to Inspiration, said ex President of DMA.

In addition to this, there were interesting presentations from the Best Employers of India with implementable ideas and also from Mr. Vijay Chadda, CEO Bharati Foundation who talked about the great work that Bharati Foundation is doing in CSR front to make the difference in society. 

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