My First Fiction Book- "Workplace Romance & It's Perils"​

"Fiction is the truth inside the lie". Stephen King

I am glad to share about the latest book that I have published in collaboration with Monika Marwah titled Workplace Romance & It's Perils.

Kiara, a small town girl wanted to test her skills by coming out of the comfort zone to build her own identity and to create a niche for her own self in the Corporate world. During her journey, she added many feathers of success but have to let go on many beautiful moments. Was it worth it?

This book in a nutshell, touches upon —

1) Myriad web of relationships that exists in the corporate world

2) Shifting socio economic scenario amidst generational shifts

3) Diversity & Inclusion, LGBTQ, Sexual Harassment and Mental Health issues and what it means for organization, employees and society at large.

Kindle / print version is available largely across the world on

Print version in India is available on To buy, please click here


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