7 Factors Of Managerial Effectiveness That Drives Growth in Organisations [in Post Covid Scenario]

There are multiple Culture definition that exists aligned to individual organisation construct, underlying beliefs, assumptions, shared values and ways of navigating through organisation interpersonal dynamics.

Peter Drucker Quote - The Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast essentially means that it does not matter how strong your strategy is, its execution depends on the engagement, passion of the people who will execute it and if they are not aligned to the core, it will not work.

The question that confronts us is

How Effectively Organization Are Coping with Managerial Effectiveness 
Challenges in Post Covid Scenario?

We have attempted below 7 Important Organisation Climate Factors that Affects People Effectiveness in organisations that we must check on or evaluate : -

[1] Support Mechanisms - Check whether support factor is in place or not. Any person, working in any organization already or has joined newly, needs support of the colleagues, superiors and even subordinates. Support includes help of others in case of any difficulty, help by superiors and trust in each other and is highly significant in post covid scenario.

[2] Conflict Resolution - In present remote working scenario, Conflict may arise owing to difference in ideas, views or methods of working. They can be minimised, if there is clarity about responsibilities, healthy competition and freedom for giving opinions. Make sure that your conflict resolution strategy is optimum.

[3] Leadership and Communication: In present scenario the most relevant definition of Leadership may be defined in terms of loyalty of functions performed by executives as individuals and as a group in organisations, irrespective of the toughest existence of various scenarios. The function of an executive may inspire his subordinates and they may find a role model in superiors and may depend totally on seniors, depending upon their ability as effective leaders also they need to maintain effective communication. 'Communication' includes free and frank exchange of ideas in meetings, free opinion for taking decisions, information-sharing by people about policies and programs of the organization. Organizations must check how many role models with effective communication they have in their senior leadership ?

[4] Human Relations - Human relations has gained great significance in present changed scenario and refer to the interactions of people employed in any business firm or an individual unit across the world. They includes mutual confidence among members of various departments, confidence in management about welfare and growth, interaction at all levels in the organization. Check your organization for Strong human relations to make it favorable amongst employees.

[5] Check your Climate for Standards - Present scenario of Work from home or Trans National Teams working, all these need fixation and follow, some standards at the individual level, in order to achieve the organisational goals and maintain efficiency. These standards may includes more work expectations, pressure to improve performance and beat the competition. Thus, It is essential to have strict compliance with standards or there should be only a permissible limit of variations.

[6] Grievance Handling - A grievance is a spoken or written dissatisfaction which is brought to the notice of the management. The Managers should go into details of a grievance and find out the best possible method of settling it. The employees must be encouraged to tell the grievances . If grievances are brought in to light in time and attended to well in time, people feel satisfied with grievance handling procedure and methods.

[7] Decision-Making Mechanism - A Manager has to take many decisions, while dealing with the day-to-day matters of an organization. The factor 'decision-making' includes whether views are obtained at different levels of employees before taking important decisions or not; if decisions are taken by management, then implemented properly or not; and whether proper system of keeping information is maintained. Check whether your decision making mechanisms are well in place.

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About the Author -

This article has been written jointly by Raj Gupta Dr. Arun Sachar, who also collaborated to write the Book Titled - Go & Get Your Success - A Kaleidoscope of Leadership Models that Unshackles Usual Patterns.

Raj Gupta, Author of Multiple Books & Award-Winning HR Leader with 25+ Years of Experience 
Dr. Arun Sachar, An Educationist & Management Consultant with 30 years of experience with Top multinationals and premium academic institutions. Author of Many books & research articles.

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