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"Only three things happen naturally in organisations : friction, confusion & underperformance. Everything else requires Leadership" Peter Drucker.

World has moved from Era of Independence to Era of Dependence and now finally progressing towards Era of Interdependence with WTO and other mutual cooperation frameworks existing among different nations of the world. In today’s fast paced world it is imperative for the organisation's to build a strong mechanisms for demystifying value culture as it shape behaviours, and behaviours shape outcomes. 

What Are Organisational Work Values?

Workplace values are subset of your beliefs and ideas or in other words, the guiding principles that are most important to you about the way that you work. There are 4 key component of Organisational & work values as outlined below :

[1] Organisational values comprise core values, which are principles that guide a company's actions and practices. 

[2] Work values are conceptions of an individual of a desirable work activity.

[3] Work values are the conceptions of what is 'preferable' from among the alternative modes of conduct or end-states' with respect to one's work. In other words, these are individually held conceptions of what is desirable with respect to the individual's work activity. 

[4] Work values are expected to be an integral part of the nation's ethos; as such, they need to be internalised by members of the society through socialisation, via various institutional channels, so that they become an aspect of individual personalities. A strong Value culture in organisations builds business advantage that helps generate and maintain top-level performance. This is an obvious, intuitive statement that all business leaders understand and discuss. Yet, while many try to create a high-performing culture, few succeed. Why? Is it really that difficult? Not really. The key to culture is understanding that the Organisations and work values are highly significant in shaping behaviours as the formal mechanisms.

As per Work Force Study and Wall Street Journal Ranking, The following values are very important for Global Organisations as per their order of preference:
  1. Open Communication 
  2. Nature of the Work 
  3. Control Over work content 
  4. Job Security 
  5. Stimulating Work 
  6. Fringe Benefits
  7. Flexible work Schedule 
  8. Advancement opportunity 
  9. Salary / Wages 
  10. Size of Organization 

Given the importance of getting corporate culture right, many organisations invest heavily in shaping their cultures and enriching various values but how many organisations derive maximum value from this investment? Does the money spent on developing and communicating mission statements and corporate values really change employee behaviour? Or, are there hidden, more powerful forces at work that make this investment ineffective? And if the investment in shaping culture does bring about change, is it promoting behaviours that support performance and strategy delivery, or is it inadvertently encouraging sabotage behaviours?

Armed with an understanding of how Value Index is formed, the path to aligning culture, strategy and Values becomes clear. Leaders can invest with confidence—demystifying the concept of values and bringing the full weight of their workforce behind improving organisational performance.

[Views expressed are personal]

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This article has been written jointly by Raj Gupta & Dr. Arun Sachar, as a part of series of 7 Articles on Organisation Climate in Post COVID Scenario. Refer to Link below for other article from the series. They also collaborated to write the Book Titled - Go & Get Your Success - A Kaleidoscope of Leadership Models that Unshackles Usual Patterns.

About the Authors -

Raj Gupta, Author of Multiple Books & Award-Winning HR Leader with 25+ Years of Experience

Dr. Arun Sachar, An Educationist & Management Consultant with 30 years of experience with Top multinationals and premium academic institutions. Author of Many books & research articles.

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